Beautiful cream notebook with black print, handmade from natural Lokta bark which is sustainably sourced using only the outer bark of the Lokta tree in the Himalayan region. The print is hand screen-printed and designed by AURA QUE showing the Himalaya mountain range in Nepal. The pages are blank and inside each notebook is the Dr Seuss quote: "You're off to great places, Today is your day, Your mountain is waiting, So get on your way!".

A5 Large H21cm W16cm


Also available in the following options:
Coral Pink (gold print)
Grey (black print)


Each AURA QUE design is brought to life in a Nepalese factory that employs local people, some affected by disabilities, providing an income for themselves and their families according to fair trade principles. AURA QUE products are individually hand crafted in Nepal and the unique story behind each AURA QUE product enhances its charm!

Cream Notebook

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